Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UiTMT Student for One Semester

Greetings to all viewer and especially to my BEL260 lecturer Miss Syazwani because she will check my blog for this first cyber homework. First i'am glad to get in UiTM because many people want to study in here. Alhamdullillah. In this blog, i want tell story about my experience being a UiTMT student for one semester. The first experience is i getting many friends in different country. They all is very kind and friendship in my opinion. My first friend that i met in UiTM here is my roomate. His name is Mohd Akiff. His name is almost the same of my name. But not only him, my second roomate also almost the same name with our name. His name is Atiq. His age is 1 years older than me but he still in same part. Next, i got an experience when into kitchen class. It is my favourite class compare to others because of i like to cook even the lecturer is sporting. Her name is Miss Mohaini. She is a good chef. She was finished her study at master in culinary art at London. She always participate if have a related with cooking because she loved cook like me. I hope i can be like her. What i mean is her achievement. in another experienced that i have got at UiTM is when i hang out at the beach with my friend in the evening after class while eating a tradition food in Terengganu, called 'satah'. Finally is the experience that i cannot forget is when got punk to my friend because his 18years birthdays. We plan to make him cannot forget what happen to him in his 18years birthdays, so we give him a flour and a special ingredient such as shampoo, oat, facial foam and eggs to his face. After that, we all make a war until make a chaos at our college. So, that is some of my experience that i get in UiTM here. I hope viewer and Miss Syazwani enjoy what i written about my experience.