Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What i would like to do in five years time...

5 years it means in years 2014 that i've been miss 2 worldcup football and also i'am 24 years old!!!.
At years 24 years old i can marry to my dream women but i thing i need a job first. so, what i would like to do in 5 years time beside married and job. First, i want to complete my diploma to after that i will continue to degree in culinary arts until 6 semester. But, i need a money to pay the fees. So, i will work at the kitchen and at the same time i got an experiences environment in the kitchen. Secondly, i want to buy camera (canon D450) because my old canon broken felt from table. After that, i want to enjoy my life as been human and i always want to be a person that is pious...Amin!!!..

Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Dream Women...

what about my dream women?...

First, i thinking she will be a take a good care to make me comfortable with our relationship.
She also a simple women because it easier to me don't have to spend my money to much. She also strong hearted because i'am a little bit blur about relationship. She also a good looking for me. It doesn't matter whether she wear tudung or not. Beside that, she is talkative that don't make our conversation boring. Lastly, she understand about me because i'am active men. There is it. My dream women. But for the bonus part is, can cook and her voice can make me melt like ice cream at the sun like Yuna (independent artist). I love Yuna voice!!!. But now, she so famous and it make me hard to flirt her. =)..So, is it u (women) have characteristics like i wanted, call me!!!...hahaha..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To My Life

The best thing that happened to me is i was chosen to played ghazal with my friend at Sydney, Australia when i was student at secondary school. That was the first time i am going to overseas and the important is i don't have to pay a money because the government sponsor our finances. It was cold at Sydney. I have to wear 3 layers of cloth to make my body warm. The best thing is i make perform with Micheal Buble at the famous Sydney Opera. We were training together and hang out together when took a rest. He vert kind and friendly person. When Micheal Buble perform, he alway do it all out and also our ghazal team. Because of that, we got a big applause from the audience that night. After we have finished our performence, we went back to our hotel to rest before we went back our peace n lovely country, Malaysia. That was my best thing that happened to me. althought i forgot to bring my camera to take a picture for my memories, but the memories it never gone in my mind.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I would like to change about myself?...

so, the first thing that i would like to change myself is my attitude. It is because i am too lazy to study and cause of my first semester pointer is very bad. I am also like to sleep a lot. If i've got free time i will sleep, if i got a pillow i also will sleep and because of that my mother called me 'ular sawa'.
I also would like to change my feeling afraid when i speak in english in front of people. I hope i can speak in english very well and fast like a rapper.haha..However, it's not easy to change it and it will take a long time to change. But i will try to become from lazy to hardworking and from afraid speak in english in front of people to brave and speak very well in front of people.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

How i spend my holiday...

as usual, when we heard mid semester break, we will thinking what we want to do in one week.
so, for me, i want spend my time with my family and friend.
at the 24 january 2009 is the first day that i reached to hometown at 3.00 am and the first think that i do to my mother is kiss my mother hand because i miss her so much..hehe.. the first day is i hang out with my old secondary school classmate. it's like a reunion. that day, we spend a good time, we sang together at karaoke box..haha..the next days is we hang out at the mountain (gunung lambak) to see a firework that all chinese is celebrate their chinese new year. it's is a great view from the mountain and it so cold at there. the next day is the day that i want to spend my time with my family. we went to see my opah and her chicken. after at night at my house, i promise to cook a special dinner night but not banana pito eh..haha.. so, i cook a special food that i learn at the uitm dungun. the menu is pillaf rice plus chicken pan fried and i'am glad that they like my cooking. i really it enjoyed my time. but as a student, i have to went back to dungun to study again as usual and the think that i do during my holiday i will never forgot it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UiTMT Student for One Semester

Greetings to all viewer and especially to my BEL260 lecturer Miss Syazwani because she will check my blog for this first cyber homework. First i'am glad to get in UiTM because many people want to study in here. Alhamdullillah. In this blog, i want tell story about my experience being a UiTMT student for one semester. The first experience is i getting many friends in different country. They all is very kind and friendship in my opinion. My first friend that i met in UiTM here is my roomate. His name is Mohd Akiff. His name is almost the same of my name. But not only him, my second roomate also almost the same name with our name. His name is Atiq. His age is 1 years older than me but he still in same part. Next, i got an experience when into kitchen class. It is my favourite class compare to others because of i like to cook even the lecturer is sporting. Her name is Miss Mohaini. She is a good chef. She was finished her study at master in culinary art at London. She always participate if have a related with cooking because she loved cook like me. I hope i can be like her. What i mean is her achievement. in another experienced that i have got at UiTM is when i hang out at the beach with my friend in the evening after class while eating a tradition food in Terengganu, called 'satah'. Finally is the experience that i cannot forget is when got punk to my friend because his 18years birthdays. We plan to make him cannot forget what happen to him in his 18years birthdays, so we give him a flour and a special ingredient such as shampoo, oat, facial foam and eggs to his face. After that, we all make a war until make a chaos at our college. So, that is some of my experience that i get in UiTM here. I hope viewer and Miss Syazwani enjoy what i written about my experience.