Sunday, February 8, 2009

How i spend my holiday...

as usual, when we heard mid semester break, we will thinking what we want to do in one week.
so, for me, i want spend my time with my family and friend.
at the 24 january 2009 is the first day that i reached to hometown at 3.00 am and the first think that i do to my mother is kiss my mother hand because i miss her so much..hehe.. the first day is i hang out with my old secondary school classmate. it's like a reunion. that day, we spend a good time, we sang together at karaoke box..haha..the next days is we hang out at the mountain (gunung lambak) to see a firework that all chinese is celebrate their chinese new year. it's is a great view from the mountain and it so cold at there. the next day is the day that i want to spend my time with my family. we went to see my opah and her chicken. after at night at my house, i promise to cook a special dinner night but not banana pito eh..haha.. so, i cook a special food that i learn at the uitm dungun. the menu is pillaf rice plus chicken pan fried and i'am glad that they like my cooking. i really it enjoyed my time. but as a student, i have to went back to dungun to study again as usual and the think that i do during my holiday i will never forgot it.


  1. wei takib ko slalu lpak kat ner ha???
    g karaoke x ajk aq pun....huhuhu.....
    wei g gnung lambak x kne kjar ngan monyet kew???

  2. You can still recall your banana pito :) I'm happy for you too for being able to make your family happy :)