Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Dream Women...

what about my dream women?...

First, i thinking she will be a take a good care to make me comfortable with our relationship.
She also a simple women because it easier to me don't have to spend my money to much. She also strong hearted because i'am a little bit blur about relationship. She also a good looking for me. It doesn't matter whether she wear tudung or not. Beside that, she is talkative that don't make our conversation boring. Lastly, she understand about me because i'am active men. There is it. My dream women. But for the bonus part is, can cook and her voice can make me melt like ice cream at the sun like Yuna (independent artist). I love Yuna voice!!!. But now, she so famous and it make me hard to flirt her. =)..So, is it u (women) have characteristics like i wanted, call me!!!...hahaha..


  1. gelenya...!
    gatal taw..!
    nway, gud luck..
    tk cre..

  2. lol.yuna's ur dream woman?
    unbelievable sey.

  3. Independent? Are you trying to say a freelance artist? Anyway, good luck with your dream girl..