Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What i would like to do in five years time...

5 years it means in years 2014 that i've been miss 2 worldcup football and also i'am 24 years old!!!.
At years 24 years old i can marry to my dream women but i thing i need a job first. so, what i would like to do in 5 years time beside married and job. First, i want to complete my diploma to after that i will continue to degree in culinary arts until 6 semester. But, i need a money to pay the fees. So, i will work at the kitchen and at the same time i got an experiences environment in the kitchen. Secondly, i want to buy camera (canon D450) because my old canon broken felt from table. After that, i want to enjoy my life as been human and i always want to be a person that is pious...Amin!!!..